Tea Tree Oil in Shampoo

Can I Add Tea Tree Oil in Shampoo?

Yes, you can. If you can’t find a shampoo that has tea tree oil then you can make your own using a natural shampoo and about 2% of tea tree oil. This being said, 2cc of tea tree oil and 98cc of shampoo should be enough. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology did a study with just over 125 test subjects who had mild to moderate cases of dandruff. The conclusion of the study suggested that a shampoo with 5% tea tree oil was able to reduce the subject’s symptoms within 4 weeks.

Some researchers, including the author of the study, believe that there is a fungus responsible for the dandruff symptoms and that tea tree oil kills it. Some of the symptoms included greasy, dry, itchy, and flaking scalps. Another interesting find was that there were no reported side effects from using tea tree shampoo.

If you aren’t familiar with dandruff it is largely known by its dry, itchy, flaking scalp. There is no conclusive evidence to say that a fungus is responsible. There are many medications and shampoos that can relive the symptoms to a degree but nothing to cure the situation from occurring again.

Another great benefit of tea tree oil shampoo is that is can be used everyday no matter if you are male or female. There is no need to worry about killing off the good and natural bacteria on the scalp because this does not affect them. If you have dyed hair you also do not need to worry about reactions or fading at a faster rate.

In the natural and medicinal world or products, tea tree oil can help fight against dandruff and other scalp related problems. If you look at the ingredients for most of the shampoos at the store, you will notice they may contain tea tree oil. This is partly because of the demands for more natural and organic shampoos.

Not only can adults use this shampoo but dogs and children as well. Be sure to look for a shampoo that is specifically for dogs or children. It has been known to help avoid lice, fleas, and of course the other benefits we mentioned above. So don’t wait until a friend tries it out, pick up a bottle of tea tree oil shampoo and try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.
What is Tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which has been known as medicinal oil for many years. It is derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree from New South Wales, Australia.

Tea Tree Oil in ShampooFor the locals, it is used as an antifungal and antiseptic ingredient to heal and cure minor problems. Out of almost 100 elements in tea tree oil, terpinen-4-ol is largely responsible for its antimicrobial attributes. In scientific percentages this is about 30%-48%.

Unfortunately tea tree oil is often confused with tea oil. Tea oil is usually used for cooking and is derived from the Camellia Oleifera plant. The great thing about tea tree oil shampoo is that it will clean your hair and scalp, and helps get rid of dry itchy scalps that are prone to dandruff. Its antifungal properties are great against multi dermatophytes as well. It has also been widely used to treat Malassezia fur fur which is largely responsible for those symptoms.