Tea Tree Shampoo – natural way for healthy hair

Tea tree oil has been found to have many uses (such as in tea tree shampoo) and medicinal properties.

Originally discovered on the east coast of Australia, the oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree and then incorporated into skin care, hair care, and cleaning products.

Natives of Asia and other countries have been using this organic product for a long time, but commercial manufacturing of this shampoo started much later.

The oil used for manufacturing this shampoo is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree.

The color of the oil is a pale yellow and has a strong smell.

However, consumers might not be able to smell it because of the added aromatic oils.

Tea tree oil’s antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing, and healing properties make it a common ingredient in health and beauty promoting products.

A popular use of tea tree oil for hair comes in shampoo form is an especially effective ingredient within shampoos.

Tea Tree Shampoo

Shampoos that contain tea tree oil moisturize your hair instead of leaving it feeling brittle and dry after washing, and also work to treat dandruff.

Shampoos infused with tea tree oil usually also incorporate vitamins C, E, and B5 into their formulas to strengthen and enrich your hair as you wash it.

Using it on a regular basis ensures that your hair remains dirt free and full of luster.

The first thing you will notice about tea tree shampoo is its smell.

It smells just like an antibiotic.

There is no reason to panic about it.

This smell is due to tea tree oil, the main ingredient of this shampoo.

This oil has many antibiotic properties and can eliminate head lice, fungal infections, and dandruff from your scalp apart from providing a gleaming sheen to your hair.

Tea tree oil shampoos treat dandruff because they contain a mild antifungal agent and dandruff can be caused by a yeast-like fungus that these shampoos are also appealing because of the fresh scent of tea tree oil.

Often the tea tree oil will be combined with other fresh scents such as lavender, cinnamon, or orange citrus.

The benefit of using a natural shampoo that is scented with herbal extracts is that you don’t run the risk of scalp irritation due to cheaply made scents and perfumes that are sometimes added to shampoos to mask the smell of their ingredients that can leave you with headaches or allergies.

Some benefits of using a tea tree oil shampoo are:

  • One of the biggest advantages of this shampoo is that it can be used in dyed hair as well
  • The organic substances do not affect the coloring agent
  • It is gentle and thoroughly cleansing so it can be used daily by the entire family
  • The shampoo only contains pure and natural extracts so you can be sure that you won’t experience irritation or worry that your shampoo contains harmful chemicals
  • Tea tree oil shampoos are fortified with extra vitamins to strengthen and preserve your hair. These vitamins include B5, C, and E which provide reinforcement against drying, styling, and environmental wear and tear
  • The natural clean scent of tea tree oil combined with the herbal elements of lavender, rosemary, lemon, etc. will invigorate your scalp and your senses tea tree oil is made up of entirely natural ingredients allowing tea tree oil shampoos be safe to be used by adults and children alike.
  • Tea tree oil shampoo will moisturize your hair while it cleanses it and will leave your hair feeling stronger and looking softer.

Where to buy tea tree shampoo

You can purchase tea tree shampoo from local shops, the druggist or online stores as well. Or you can add tea tree oil to your regular shampoo.

Always check the ingredients contained in the tea tree shampoo before purchasing it.

You should stay away from the cheap varieties since they might contain sodium laureth sulfate that damages skin cells and hair follicles.

This chemical compound can also cause other complications such as eczema and pustules.

Certain brands also contain ammonium laureth sulfate, a poisonous chemical compound that can kill the user if she ingests them.

It is advisable that you check the list of ingredients before purchasing this shampoo.

Always use cold water to rinse your hair after using this shampoo.

Using hot water removes the oil, and therefore you will not gain the full benefit of the shampoo.